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Real Russian Cuisine Course

Real Russian Cuisine: Beyond Borscht and Potatoes (May 2020)

Online Continuing Education: A Lively Look at Russian Cuisine Through Recipes and Literature

In times of austerity Russians have discovered not only how to survive but how to turn basic ingredients into tasty meals. During this quarantine period, we can learn from their food practices and see how a limited availability of foods can yield delicious dishes characterized by exhilarating flavors and innovative techniques.

In four sessions (May 11, May 14, May 18 and May 21) we’ll explore the ways that Russians have historically preserved the bounty from their short growing season through various forms of fermenting, curing, and preserving. Through demonstration and discussion we’ll identify different ways to incorporate their simple, nourishing foods into our American diet. Along the way we’ll read short works by Gogol, Chekhov, and Tolstoy, with suggested additional readings to amplify your experience and understanding of Russia’s gastronomic and literary traditions.

This mini-course is for anyone who has ever had an interest in the richness of Russian culture, appreciates reading classic authors in a new light, wants to expand or hone their cooking skills, or is looking to make something new from the pantry.

“My friends, what glorious flavors there are in the world! … ah, sweet nectar of life!

Rudi Panko, beekeeper, in Nikolai Gogol’s Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka


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