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Babka, Borsch & Babushkas: The Meaning & Memories (& Mayonnaise) of the Russian Jewish Experience (February 27, 2020)

What we think of as “Jewish food” was not born in a New York deli 100 years ago — it developed from the interplay of ingredients and traditions and people in many places, including Eastern Europe. I’m joining a panel discussion with chefs Bonnie Morales and Vitaly Paley and cultural historian Sasha Senderovich to dig into this delicious story — looking at the overlaps, the distinctions, the evolution, and the meaning of Russian and Jewish food. Come learn about the European origins of some of the greatest hits of Ashkenazi cuisine, how the anti-Semitism and Sovietization of the USSR impacted both culinary and religious expression, and why mayonnaise is such a loaded topic. Tickets are available at https://www.ojmche.org/tickets/babka-borsch-babushkas

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