A Taste of Russia


Nominated for a Tastemaker Award

A Taste of Russia is the definitive modern cookbook on Russian cuisine, layering superbly researched recipes with informative essays on each dish’s rich historical and cultural context.


 Praise for A Taste of Russia

“This is a book that re-creates the wonderful dishes of the pre-revolutionary Russian nobility, of the hunting lodges, of the boyars, of the simple peasants—from Caucasian skewered lamb to fresh salmon caviar that you can make yourself. A wonderful panorama of Russian hospitality as it was, as it is, and as it still can be.”
—James Beard

“This is simply the best and most complete book on Russian cooking in English.”
—Suzanne Massie

“Goldstein…manages to make Russian cuisine dance. It’s hard to imagine anything that might have been left out of this delightfully comprehensive collection.”
Publishers’ Weekly

“The imaginative range of the selection would be enlightening in itself even without the multitudinous snippets from Chekhov, Gogol and Oblomov. First rate.”
Kirkus Review