The Winter Vegetarian


The Winter Vegetarian takes its recipes from regions all over the globe, offering insight into the winter lore and wisdom of different cultures. Distinguished cookbook author Darra Goldstein shows us how to conjure the “deep pleasures and secret excitement” of winter, even with farmers’ markets shut down and fresh produce so hard to come by. Goldstein’s winter is one of cheese baked in grape leaves; spicy winter crudités; rutabagas roasted in the fireplace; and bracing hot toddies steeped all day with apples in a crock next to the fire.

Praise for The Winter Vegetarian

“Anybody can make and eat wonderful vegetarian food in summer; but it takes a passionate cook, a specialist in the foods of northern climes, to bring us winter recipes of delight. Enjoy Darra Goldstein’s rich resource.”
—Barbara Kafka

“Seldom is there a cookbook where both the recipes and the text are of such high caliber that cooking and reading provide equal pleasures. The Winter Vegetarian is such a book. I love this book, and stand in awe of Darra Goldstein’s talents.”
—Jeanne Lemlin