James Beard Foundation Journalism Award




Darra received the 2012 James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for Publication of the Year for Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture. The journal shared the prize with Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs’s Food 52.

The awards committee cited the journal for “proving that food can be the catalyst for meaningful and serious discussions about culture, history, literature, art, and politics. Founding Editor Darra Goldstein has turned her enthusiasm for food into a substantive and intelligent publication that influences us all. In addition to editing Gastronomica, Darra is a Professor of Russian at Williams College. She is a quintessential example of the diverse and unexpected personalities you’ll find talking about food at Gastronomica, where poets, artists, professors, opinion makers, and pundits bring a stimulating breadth of perspectives to the table. In our digital age of fleet tweets, trendy headlines, and the battle to grab readers’ attention in an increasingly crowded space, Gastronomica reminds us that curiosity, hard thought, and great writing are award-worthy values.”